Blank Plates:

FatDad BMX does not take orders for one-off custom plates.
We instead, concentrate on team orders, bulk orders, track plates and special event plate production.

FatDad Blank Plates


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Comes complete with velcro straps and custom printed w/your info.

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FatDad BMX Side Plate:


Comes complete with velcro straps. Replaceable 2inch number decals for District style, or custom printed w/number for colored backgrounds

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2inch Side Plate numbers:

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2in number decals for your previously purchased FatDad Side Plate

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3 inch number decals

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Extra Velcro Straps:

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Side Plate decals - Set of 3 :

Don't like side plates? Have a carbon frame?
Try our temporary use side plate decals.
Stick 'em for the national weekend, then chunk 'em. Grab the next set for the next national.

$10.00 (Free US Shipping)

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